Send Money Abroad with Wise

Do you need to make a payment abroad, but your bank charges you exorbitant  charges or a bad exchange rate?

In order to save our students more and more money, we have teamed up with Wise (formerly TransferWise), the cheapest and fastest money transfer platform on the market at the moment.

Wise, a cheaper & faster way to send money abroad !

Wise is an online money transfer platform that works following an easy concept: You send them the money on to an account in your currency, and they pay the amount to the account of your choice in the chosen currency (Euros, Pounds, Dollars, Yens … etc.).

The main advantages are :

  • Cheap: they use the mid market exchange rate and their fees start at 0.35%, lower than traditional banks, without hidden fees and exchange rate markups.
  • Security: This is a British company with accreditation from the UK financial authorities. They have a 9.1 / 10 rating on TrustPilot.
  • Fast: Depending on the chosen option, transfers are instant within 24h or 48h.
  • Coverage: Send money fast on 40 currencies to +160 countries
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How to use Wise?

It’s very easy. Sign up here today and follow the instructions to create your account and start sending money abroad!

It’s free to sign up and it doesn’t have monthly subscription costs.

With our link you will enjoy your first transfer free of exchange fees up to 2000£ or equivalent!

How it works ?

WIse Card

Payment Method

If you are looking to pay for your study and travel abroad by international bank transfer, consider Wise.

It’s a great tool for sending money internationally with low fees — much cheaper than using your local bank, without hidden costs or exchange markups.

You can also use their debit card to pay and withdraw money from ATMs when you’re abroadl.

Click here to open your Wise account today and you will get your first transfer free of exchange fees up to 2,000 GBP.

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