About Us

GAMA Study, Language Studies Agency

GAMA Study is a Language Studies Agency which helps students from all over the World to book language courses with reduced prices!

Thanks to established partnerships with schools, we can offer language training tailored to all clients, whether they are professionals, students, juniors, looking for a job, retirees or groups, and for all budgets.

In addition to advice and assistance with registration, we remain at your disposition before and during your program, and we obtain discounts for you with our partner schools.

And the best? The services of GAMA Study are completely FREE!

We are helping you to book:

Language courses abroad.

Language courses for Groups / Companies

Online language courses via Skype.

Founded in January 2018 in the south of France by Guillaume Avond, GAMA Study has rapidly developed to offer you linguistic stays all over the World!

Before embarking on the adventure, Guillaume worked for 5 years in one of the most reputed English schools in Ireland. With this experience and knowing very well the world of language holidays, he is able to offer a very accurate service, while being able to negotiate the best prices with schools.

How it works?

You contact us by Email, Skype, Messenger, Instagram or by Phone. We are very responsive. There are no office hours at GAMA Study!

We listen to your project and we recommend the schools that best meet your expectations and your budget. In order to compare the offers, we will send you precise quotes from the schools.

Once you have chosen the school that suits you, we send you the registration form and we help you to fill it.

We get you discounts but you pay us absolutely nothing! The payment is done between you and the school directly.

Here you are, now ready to learn a new language!


Approved IALC Agency
Authorised Quality English Agent
Trained Agent for Trinity College London Exam
Member of the French Tech in the Alps
Authorised ICEF Agency
Sponsored by the Crédit Agricole Sud Rhone Alpes
Trained Agent for Cambridge Exam
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