Work and Study Programme in London

Work + Accommodation + English Courses in London !

Do you want to go to London to improve your English but you do not have the budget to pay several months of English courses? At GAMA Study we have the solution!

A Work & Study programme in the British Capital that will allow you to improve your English level while having a professional experience which will finance your adventure in London.

It is not necessary to have a good level of English to participate, but the higher your level is, the more jobs with direct contact with customers you can get.

That’s why you also have the option of combining this programme with several weeks of intensive English classes to raise your level!

Work Services

We are working with the leading agency in London for work services!

You will have access to various services to help you find a job as soon as possible upon your arrival in London. On average a motivated student finds a job in less than a week regardless of his level of English.

Note that the Work programme is only available for European citizens over 18 years old.

The services provided are as follows:

  • Interview at your arrival to target your profile, your preferences and your level of English.
  • Translation of your CV or correction if it is already in English
  • Organisation and assistance of several job interviews
  • English SIM card provided
  • A team is at your disposal for any request or administrative problem needed during your stay in London (Opening of Bank account…etc.).

The jobs:

All the jobs offered are in the field of hospitality, mainly catering and hotels.

Here are some examples of possible work jobs the average salary:

£200/£310 per week
Intermediate English level and Experience requested. This is one of the most popular jobs. Possibility of big tips!

£240/£300 per week
Intermediate / High level of English is required for this type of position, as well as experience.

£200 – £280 per week
No need for a good level of English for this position. Hard work but a good starting point to get a better job in the kitchen.

£200 – £260 per weekThis position requires experience in hospitality, good presentation and a good level of English.

£300 – £450 per week
Intermediate / High level of English required as well as experience and good communication skills.

The price for the Work service is the following:

  • £475: with a starting date in December or August
  • £525: the rest of the year
  • £325: If booked after English courses

The services of the agency are available for 6 months. So you can re-use them at no extra cost if you want to get a new job during your stay.

If you wish to benefit from the service of work without accommodation, the price of the service will be reduced to £475 whatever the period.

Devenez serveuse à Londres avec GAMA Study


In addition to the work programme and / or English courses, our partner also offers accommodation in London.

You have the choice between two kind of accommodation:

  • Student Residence
  • Shared House

The Student Residence is located in the city centre (zone 1), in the same building than the school, in the area of Westminster.

Most of the shared houses are located in East London (zone 3) about 10min walk from the Stratford station.

Prices of accommodation are the following:

Student Residence Shared House
Single Room £335 per week £190 per week
Twin Room £225 per week £150 per week

Accommodation in single or twin room, with bathroom, living room, equipped kitchen and refrigerator in common.

English Courses

Your level of English is low? Why not take a few weeks of intensive English classes to increase it and find a better job?

With our partner on site, you will benefit from discounted rates at an English school in central London (Westminster) accredited by the British Council, just steps from the accommodation!

Prices of English courses are the following:

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks Extra
15h per week 159£ 304£ 435£ 552£ 655£ 744£ 819£ 880£ 110£
20h per week 183£ 352£ 507£ 648£ 775£ 888£ 987£ 1072£ 134£
25h per week 230£ 440£ 630£ 800£ 950£ 1080£ 1190£ 1280£ 160£
25h per week plus 5h of one to one 414£ 728£ 1047£ 1336£ 1595£ 1824£ 2023£ 2192£ 274£

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Due to Brexit this programme is no longer available in London. However, we can offer you other options in Ireland, Malta or Canada!

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